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Richard Littlejohn: Gay Men Steal Children

Hard on the heels of his Daily HateMail columnist colleagues Amanda Platell and Melanie Phillips, now Richard Littlejohn wades in with his take on the gay adoption case in Edinburgh:

As for anonymity, does anyone really think that two gay men, living together in an Edinburgh suburb, who suddenly start playing Happy Families with a five-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, are going to go unnoticed?

Coincidentally, this story emerged in the week in which details were revealed of the millions spent in the search for little Maddie McCann, who was abducted almost two years ago and is still missing.

On the face of it, the cases have nothing in common.

But stolen children are at the heart of both.

Does it matter whether your child or grandchild has been taken by a complete stranger or by social workers?

What’s worse: not knowing, or knowing — and being utterly unable to do anything to get them back, after being told that if you try, you will never, ever see them again?

In each case, the key question is the same: what kind of monsters could do something like this?

Is Littlejohn really suggesting that the placing by social services of the vulnerable children of a heroin addict with gay adoptive parents is the same as a child criminally stolen from her parents by a child trafficker/paedophile? I’d ask the question: what kind of monster would say something like that? Disgusting.