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Cosmodaddy is Moving…


To all my readers, both casual and regular, because of the success of this blog, I’m now upgrading! From this point on most political content will move to:


Please update your bookmarks and RSS readers accordingly. It’s already up and running, has its own ethos and I’ll be joined by four other admins/writers initially. Submissions will be very welcome in time for regular other contributors.

For the more chatty, less serious content, well that’s already moved to:


And you can update bookmarks/RSS readers for that too. Everything which doesn’t ‘fit’ into Cosmodaddy.com will go over to Lewishamdreamer. I hope to see most of you on both sites, and to have as many comments as you can manage. I will be monitoring continuing comments to this site, and add to them as necessary, but from this point on it’s all change!