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The Met’s Campaign of Racism

The other day I wrote about the Metropolitan Police’s abuse and torture of Babar Ahmad, a ‘terror suspect’ who has never had any evidence presented against him, nor has he been charged with any offence. Well the officers involved in that arrest have been revealed to have been systematically attacking non-white suspects for some time:

But the Guardian can reveal that the Met was aware for years that the six officers involved were the subject of repeated complaints. According to documents submitted to the court, four of the officers who carried out the raid on Ahmad’s home had 60 allegations of assault against them – of which at least 37 were made by black or Asian men. One of the officers had 26 separate allegations of assault against him – 17 against black or Asian men.

The Met has confirmed that since 1992 all six officers involved in the Ahmad assault had been subject to at least 77 complaints. When lawyers for Ahmad asked for details of these allegations it emerged that the police had “lost” several large mail sacks detailing at least 30 of the complaints.

The Met responded, saying:

Scotland Yard said that all but one of the 77 allegations against the six TSG officers had been found to be unsubstantiated, because the complainant failed to assist them any further, the complaint was withdrawn or informally resolved, or investigated and found to be unsubstantiated.

How convenient for them. They themselves discounted the complaints against them because the complainants were too scared of them to proceed any further? I thought that Sir Paul Stephenson said that the force was no longer institutionally racist? Surely a story like this proves it couldn’t be more of a problem for a force which still appears eager to act like a law unto itself.


Metropolitan Police Use Torture as Arrest Tactic

During his arrest, (Babar) Ahmad was punched, kicked and strangled, the court heard.

Officers stamped on the 34-year-old’s feet and repeatedly punched him in the head before he was forced into the Muslim prayer position and they shouted: “Where is your God now? Pray to him.”

After a sustained attack, he was forced in to the back of a police van, where he was again beaten and punched before being put in a “life-threatening” neck hold and told: “You will remember this day for the rest of your life.”

At one stage, one of the officers grabbed his testicles and he was also deliberately wrenched by his handcuffs – a technique known to cause intense pain.


It doesn’t matter what the man was accused of – it’s not proven until a verdict is reached in a fair trial in a court of law. The police never have any justification for behaving in this fashion, but this has long been the norm with the Metropolitan Police. It isn’t however the end of the abuse and corruption in this case:

During the hearing, it emerged that the Met had lost “a number of large mail sacks” containing details of other similar allegations against the officers who assaulted Ahmad.

An IPCC investigation in 2007 ended with no action being taken against any officer.

Evidence has not been produced against him, and he has never been charged with any offence. Quite rightly the Met were forced today to pay £60,000 in damages against him.

More Met Mischief

I wouldn’t write these entries if they weren’t so damned easy to find, and there’s nothing like an obvious own goal to back your arguments up! It turns out the Sadiq Khan, Labour MP, had been bugged in a meeting in a prison with one of his constituents. The MP, a former human rights lawyer, was meeting with Babar Ahmad, a childhood friend who was in Woodhill Prison, not on domestic charges, but awaiting possible extradition to the US. No other meetings with Ahmad had been recorded, but London’s Metropolitan Police, renowned racists, homophobes and killers of innocent Brazilians, decided to get this one on tape. Except under a code in place since 1966 they’re not allowed to. Recording conversations between MPs and their constituents has been forbidden since then, and Jack Straw, Justice Secretary, insists it still is.

The guy who did it has been charged worked for the Thames Valley Police and has been charged with several counts of misconduct in public office. But he claims recording the conversation had happened because he’d been leaned on by the Met, in response to a civil action Ahmad had been preparing against Sir Ian Blair, Met Police Commissioner, for an alleged assault by Scotland Yard officers. How unlikely I hear you cry.

It’ll be interesting to see where this leads. Yet again the Metropolitan Police have clearly behaved like a law unto themselves. They demand more powers, and abuse the ones they already have. And don’t forget in the Jean Charles de Menezes case they and their cronies in the IPCC denied they did anything wrong. Trust in the police? In this country? I don’t think so. Will any heads roll over this? You must be kidding. Don’t forget – Ahmad hadn’t been charged with breaking any domestic laws, and the websites he’s allegedly responsible for are just websites, distasteful though their subjects seem to be. And no other of his conversations had been bugged. It’s been claimed those responsible for the bugging didn’t know Khan was an MP. Fair enough on one hand, but that pretty much says the conversation was targeted because both participants were Muslims. Nothing changes, but it really needs to. These people are out of control.