Antwerp in a Day!

Today I’m heading to Belgium…for the day! In a couple of hours I’ll be taking a whole series of nightbuses from home to St Pancras International, before zooming out along High Speed One from St Pancras International to Brussels. From there I intend to nip up to Antwerp for the first time, for a day’s exploration with the D50 (check my Flickr on Friday), before heading back home later today. It’s the beauty of a week’s holiday – I’ll be shattered, but can sleep in all day tomorrow if need be!

I’m going to liveblog as much as I can (I don’t know how many wireless hotspots I’ll find), and to keep track of my misadventures you should (from 3am BST):

Click Here


One response to “Antwerp in a Day!

  1. Very much enjoying the live blog from Antwerp :o)

    I’m having a stressful day thinking about moving house and your travels have chilled me out.

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