Sarah Palin Disgusts Me

So she disagrees with Obama’s health care plans eh? So she tells the press to lay off her children eh? Try this on:

Obama yesterday lashed out at critics of his ailing push to provide coverage for America’s 46 million uninsured people by saying that his critics were resorting to “outlandish rumours” and “misleading information” to scupper his plans.

But Sarah Palin, the Republican’s former vice-presidential candidate, raised the temperature in the debate by declaring Obama’s plans “downright evil” and accusing him of introducing a care rationing system that could threaten her own mentally handicapped child.

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down’s syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide… whether they are worthy of healthcare,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

I think this vapid, uninteresting woman, who didn’t even have the honour to finish out her term as Alaskan governor, shouldn’t be determining the political climate. And any American who agrees with her position disgusts me as much as she does. Obama got himself elected by rising above the Republican smears and lies, but with the right wing now operating formally as a near-terrorist organisation, can he afford to keep doing so? Given that he has a mandate for healthcare reform, I’m going to suggest he stops looking for compromise, stops even trying to be post-red/blue, and merely represents his constituents as president.


2 responses to “Sarah Palin Disgusts Me

  1. Vapid yes, never uninteresting. Now Bush has gone, thank god. We need Palin to show how dire the Republican Party is.
    She’s a gift for a satirist. I laugh my socks off as soon as she opens her mouth.
    Can’t stand her though. 🙂

  2. Palin makes me physically ill. And why do republicans always say things like, “The America I know and love”?
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure President Obama will continue to be open to hearing the opposition all the way up to the final reconciliation vote. This bill will get done.

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