Film Review: The Proposal (Spoilers)

Loved it. Me! Loving a romantic comedy, and a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy at that! But it’s an excellent Sandra Bullock vehicle, one with a suitably predictable script (entirely the point), a note perfect cast (since when could Reynolds act?) and a great deal of heart. In a nutshell executive PA Ryan Reynolds gets bullied by his cruel boss Bullock, who faces deportation to Canada. But wait! If she just marries Reynolds she can stay – as long as she submits to his demands in return, and as long as they can convince the evil immigration service man who’s out to get them! So they go to Reynolds’ parents’ house in Alaska for the weekend to try to start proving their lie, get thoroughly dominated by mad grannie Betty White (who steals the whole show) and after much of the film sniping hilariously at one another, and Bullock learning much about the meaning of family, start slowly to fall for one another. Will they be in love in time for the wedding? Can they convince his nearest and dearest of their lie?

You know the outcome before the film even starts, and it doesn’t matter. The banter and chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock is fantastic and is worth the price of admission alone. So there are plot holes which would sink other films – the most glaring makes no difference at all to the enjoyment of this film. We get to see Ryan Reynolds naked, we get Betty White doing her crazy, controlling thing on screen, and we get far more laughs than you’d otherwise expect, given how rotten most romcoms are these days. If you don’t like Bullock or romcoms then you should really stay away, otherwise this really will (and should) be a film for you. 8/10


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