The Independent Safeguarding Authority is Poisonous

Expect to become an adult under fair terms in this country? Not any more:

Guidance for the controversial Independent Safeguarding Authority states that youths who want to help vulnerable groups will have to be vetted “in time for their 16th birthday to avoid committing an offence”.

Trainee teachers and medical students will also have to pay £64 to have their backgrounds checked for sex offences before they are allowed to start work.

It comes just weeks after leading children’s authors including Philip Pullman launched a revolt against the “sinister” vetting and barring scheme, which they must sign up to before they can visit schools, warning that it will discourage young people from trusting adults.

The new disclosures show the true scope of the database, which the Government admits will be the “largest of its kind in the world” and eventually include some 11.3 million names.

A report published by the Manifesto Club, a libertarian campaign group which has seen the guidance, states: “The prospect of a child being vetted before they have had their first drink, or driven a car, or even finished their GSCEs, shows the poisonous thinking behind these regulations.”

It’s an excellent point – this is not the route map we used to give young people on their way through adolescence and out into adulthood. Now we’re saying in no uncertain terms – beware, submit to the government and be vetted as ‘suitable’ or ‘safe’ in order to make it any further, to do many of the things you might want to do and most of the things they want you to do! But there’s more! Make a mistake in your youth, piss the wrong person off and it’ll cost you your choice of career for the rest of your life, and that message won’t even come from a court of law. Basically the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) will be judging the social worth of young people before they become adults – poisonous indeed. The ISA must be abolished before it can cause any more damage to the social fabric.


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