Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars (Trailer)

Oh now this is exciting. Not just a creepy story in its own right but an ultra-dark lead-in to Ten’s last hurrah…

I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing mostly where this is going, but I’m dead curious to learn the hows & whys.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So the Master is on his way back, presumably from his/Donna’s signet ring. Why? Was his ‘death’ an escape all along? Is Ten’s death fated to happen? What is this knocking? Read this


2 responses to “Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars (Trailer)

  1. ugh it looks cool but if Russell T. Davies is really bringing back the Master than I swear to god he’s the weakest writer ever. Great effort to kill a guy ‘for good’ and than never actually do anything like that. Or the “time war” that wiped out the daleks but didn’t really. I’m still just waiting for Gallifry to be discovered, and the excuse is that they were just hiding in a nice pocket universe and didn’t want to mention the fact to anyone.

  2. Man are you going to shriek at my first post tomorrow…

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