Cameron Trashes Right to Protest

Some of us have been saying this for months now – do you think Cameron and his ‘caring’ Conservatives (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one) would be any better than Brown and his authoritarian New Labour cronies? After all he’s had member of his team attack ID cards (without ruling them out), RIPA legislation and other Blair/Brown infringements of the rule of law. But you have to remember this is the man who thought Section 28 was a good idea, who intends to repeal the Human Rights Act and consorts with extremists in the EU parliament. He’s gone one step further now:

A Tory government would attempt to remove the long standing peace camp in Parliament Square, David Cameron says.

Anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has been camping opposite Parliament since 2001, surrounded by banners and placards.

He has been joined in the square by other protesters over the years – most recently a large group of Tamils.

The Tory leader said he was in favour of free speech but the square had been turned into a “pretty poor place” and it was time to say “enough is enough”.

‘Enough is enough’?! So the right to protest lasts until it offends the putative Prime Minister’s sensibilities? That’s despotism in a nutshell. Even Brown and his government have gone through consultations to formally restore the right to protest (which Blair rescinded), although they’ve recently signalled a possible last-minute change of heart. But for Cameron to deny Haw’s right to protest because his camp’s ‘noisy’ and an ‘eyesore’ is one step even worse. Under the Human Rights Act Brian Haw has the freedom of speech, and because his speech isn’t inciteful there’s no cause to restrict it. If you believe in the freedom of speech it must cover people you don’t like, as with those you do. David Cameron is clearly disinterested in the freedom of speech and the right to protest; he could be even worse than Blair/Brown.

(via Greenwichlad)


One response to “Cameron Trashes Right to Protest

  1. Vanessa Morriss

    Have to say I was gob smacked at this one. I’ll be first in line to stop the plods!

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