Vote for a Change

Electoral reform can’t wait anymore. Do you want another arrogant New Labour shambles, with ID cards, the ISA, their superdatabase by the back door, tacit support of police brutality against protest and dissent (particularly against climate dissent), and of course their UK Border Agency goons, brutalising asylum seekers and locking up their children? What about another round with the Tories? Do you think they’ll seriously dump any of that? Of course they’ll both do as they please unless there is some form of constitutional constraint on their excessive and abusive behaviour – the minimum we should expect is a reform to the voting system for Westminster. There was a time during the expenses scandal when the major parties were close to agreeing, but no more – the media cycle has moved on, the spin doctors are focusing people’s attention on wars which can’t be won, supporting governments as abusive as those which went before them. Join the Vote for a Change campaign.

England desperately needs its two major parties constrained, and willing to cooperate with and listen to the people. From Thatcher through Blair and now Brown they have done entirely as they pleased, despite attracting the support of only a minority of the population. Look at the social cohesion Thatcher destroyed, the failed privatisations, the Little Englanders she emboldened. At John Major’s disgraceful hypocrisy in championing ‘family values’. At Tony Blair’s illegal wars, his crazed obsession with ‘protection’ and ‘control’. At Brown’s eagerness to live up to Blair’s example – does locking people up for 42 days work for you?

It’s time to force the culture at and composition of Westminster to change. Click the link and join in.


One response to “Vote for a Change

  1. Great post, and good to feel energized to do something positive instead of devolving into cynicism.

    Did you read Charlie Brooker this week?

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