Alistair Meditation Mindblog -4a

“Alistair Meditation Mindboo – 4” by Cosmodaddy on


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I thought the presence of my morning thought factory and the accompanying bad moods on the way into work were a sign that thoughts led to an absence of kindness and compassion. Not so. I hit on a good thought and it changed my mood entirely – it was of a colleague who is extraordinarily kind and compassionate, and my mood immediately flipped in that direction. Interesting how it changed through not trying to change it. It was the same theme this evening in Alistair’s class – further great practice of observing and accepting things as they were. I found myself at the end tired, grumpy and impatient but didn’t try to change how I was. Compared to a lifetime of constantly trying to change my mindstate from where it was to where I thought it should be, it was counter-intuitively relaxing. Alistair describes it as ‘quantum’ that ending up with the mindstate you want through mindfulness comes from doing the opposite to what you might expect. Sometimes not changing a bad mood can make you happy.


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