Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day One (Spoilers)

Characterisation at last, developing sub-plots at last, and genuine horror – who would have thought that this could have been written by series creator Russell T Davies? RTD has his serious hat on, to this opening episode of the daily mini-series’ considerable advantage, giving unexpected depth to Jack & Ianto’s relationship, stable characterisation to Gwen and twists and turns he hasn’t shown himself capable on Doctor Who for many a year. Torchwood has suffered from insufficient attention to character and sub-plot since the series’ inception – despite the risks of making series 3 a mini series, keeping it one story long looks like a brilliant idea after all.

The children of earth are stopping, stopping and saying ‘we are coming’ in unison across the planet. But who is coming? Who took the children in 1965? What is/was the 456 and why does the Home Office Permanant Secretary John Frobisher (Peter Capaldi) want to kill Captain Jack for Torchwood’s stumbling onto a connection to it? Are the 456 the aliens on the way? If so, why put a bomb in Jack’s stomach and blow Torchwood HQ to kingdom come? Clem MacDonald (Paul Copley) might give them some answers, if they can keep him and themselves alive long enough! It’s an episode of creepiness, inexplicable double dealing and not just strong character interaction, but standout moments too. Eve Myles seems finally comfortable as Gwen, and although Barrowman is clearly not playing the Captain Jack he started out as in Who, he’s still hamming it to the limit and has charisma to spare. And to RTD’s credit he finally gives shape to his and Ianto’s relationship, showing the serious love Ianto has for his immortal boss. Will they embrace what they’ve got? Will Gwen’s baby survive? What will the future be for Torchwood at the end of this story (in 4 days’ time)? I’m looking forward to finding out!

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