This is What Homophobia Leads to, Bishop!

Bishop Nazir-Ali has declared gay people should be ‘changed’. It so happens that other people agree and do this as a result:

Jason Saunders, aged 18, was left with a broken nose and bruising after being jumped on by a five-strong gang after they started shouting abuse at him as he walked to work from the Sydenham area of Bridgwater with his partner, Gary Holman. The attack happened on June 23 at around 6.40pm.

Turning on to College Way, he walked past a group of five people. The group started shouting abuse at him, calling him “queer” and “ginger”, telling him to “sort out his hair colour”.

Jason said: “I asked them why they were shouting abuse at me and the next thing I know, all five people were attacking me.

“They were kicking and punching me in the face and still calling me names.”

After the attack, Jason was rushed to Bridgwater Hospital, before being taken to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton as doctors were worried about him drifting in and out of consciousness.

He has been left traumatised and in fear of his safety. Left with a broken nose and bruising, he has become totally reliant on other people.

(article by Thomas Justice, Bridgwater Times)

I wonder if the Bishop – a supposedly Godly man – will apologise to Jason Saunders for his homophobic attitudes, his need to make them public, and to justify them? Those vocally opposing him are growing in number:

Labour MEP Michael Cashman accused the Bishop of Rochester of being “selective” about which parts of the Bible he upheld. “When he calls for the closure of all the banks, finance houses and credit card companies because of what it says in the Bible about usury, then I’ll take him seriously,” he said. “Until then, unless he can say anything good, he should shut up.


7 responses to “This is What Homophobia Leads to, Bishop!

  1. Please credit this article to Thomas Justice of the Bridgwater Times.



  2. Very happy to Thomas. But I did follow the normal blogging convention of hotlinking directly to your work to make it clear the words weren’t mine. It also seems a little strange to make such a statement, when the original article doesn’t have a byline with your name in it.

  3. I believe the original article is from another blogging website. It was taken without permission from my website so I’ve left a comment asking to be credited but this has not happened as of yet.

    If you would like to include the article in full, you can see it at

    Thank you.


  4. Well checking back I did link to your original article, although you’re right I did notice it first on Towleroad. That site did link back to you too, so I really fail to understand what the problem is. Hotlinking in this fashion is standard blogging practice, although I admit citing your website by name at the point of hotlinking might be better stylistically, which I’ll bear in mind in the future.

  5. Dear editor,

    Thank you for crediting my article.


  6. You’re welcome. I did the moment you asked, but still fail to understand the need for your intervention on either site.

  7. I’ve been sat here puzzled for the last fifteen minutes. Not at the post itself but at the comments after. I just can’t get my head around why Thomas would want to instruct – albeit politely, on credits. So far as I can see normal protocol hot-links were applied, as they always are meticulously on this blog.

    Am I missing something?

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