It’s Time To Abandon ID Cards

Are you listening, Alan Johnson?

I bear in mind that countries, such as France and Germany, and other western European countries have ID card systems in place. This is due to different historical and cultural developments from our own. Our heritage is different. In one of his English letters Voltaire said that the civil wars of Rome ended in slavery, and those of the English in liberty. He wrote that the English were jealous of their liberty. So they are. The commitment, by and large, of the British people to European constitutional principles and ideals does not require us to adopt an ID card system.

In my view a national identity card system is not necessary in our country. No further money should be spent on it. The idea should be abandoned.

Lord Steyn is right and he points out the appropriate historical comparison to boot. There is quite simply no need for them and the new Home Secretary (who can’t afford them now after all) must announce now that the project is defunct. I’m confused why it’s still in limbo – some novel New Labour spin in preparation maybe? Waiting for a bad news day to sneak it under the radar?


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