Teen Tortured in Iran

The abuses are continuing in Iran – since the widespread Internet coverage started to diminish they’ve been harder to document, but take a look at this. This young man is 17 and entirely unconnected with the anti-regime protests:

“One of them asked me if Mr. Khatami would come save us, while they were breaking my fingers and cutting the finger webs. Although I swore a thousand times that I had not voted and had never participated in any demonstration, they didn’t care and just kept beating me hard. I fainted once or twice but there were some of us who fainted every time their bones were broken, and as soon as they gained their consciousness, the riot police started beating them again. I was trying to contract my muscles to avoid further bone fracture.”

To those of you who really think that Ahmadinejad won this election fairly and squarely…what motivation would a legitimate ruler have to behave in this fashion?

The article in full is here.


One response to “Teen Tortured in Iran

  1. I don’t know if the people who are suffering know, but my heart is with them, I’m so sorry for this boy’s suffering 😦

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