Alistair Meditation Mindblog – 1a

“Alistair Meditation Mindboo – 1 ” by Cosmodaddy on


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Back to meditation class? About time. Since 2007 spirituality has become important to me in ways which I’d never previously imagined, and I’m now locked into an eight week mindfulness meditation course with Alistair Appleton. It’s already done me a world of good as you can hear in the audioboo file above. What was clear this evening was just how much of a lexicon I’m developing for my body mind, thinking mind and feeling mind, taking them all as they are. I’m spending much less time thinking about them than experiencing them in their own terms. That means knowing how muddy my thoughts often are, and how hidden and sneaky my subtle thoughts are. That means knowing where my feelings are located on my body (or where they should be). That means experiencing my breath as it is rather than as it is when I try to control it.

I’m much less unhappy being in my own skin these days.


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