Amnesty International’s Refugee Day Rally

Today I attended Amnesty’s rally for International Refugee Day, to protest Britain’s asylum policy, which was recently labelled as ‘inhuman’. Seeking asylum really is not a crime, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the system. Not allowed back in the country for ten years if you’re ‘failed’? Forcing children into care? Witholding the right to work? Slashing of legal aid? Responding to the rise of the far right, as articulated in sleazy British tabloids like the Daily HateMail, has legitimised an anti-refugee sentiment in this country, and allowed detention centres like Yarl’s Wood, the subject of my next blog post.


2 responses to “Amnesty International’s Refugee Day Rally

  1. Jason

    taken the liberty of posting one of your photos as well as a video of the rally here

  2. Thanks Paul. Never a problem.

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