Khamenei Must Go

(via Guardian)

The campaign by those whose votes were stolen in the Iranian presidential election is hotting up. Millions of them faced bullets yesterday:

But despite the seven officially reported deaths, the protests continue. Reliable sources also suggest the crowds which have been attacked have been far from supine. One woman was apparently killed by gunfire, and the crowd then killed the shooter. It’s a volatile situation, no doubt masking a vicious power struggle at the very heart of the theocratic regime, and the irony is a form of revolution is building. Mir Hossein Mousavi’s candidacy as president was never to change the regime itself, yet he is now coming to represent fundamental change in the Iranian political settlement. A new, ‘Seven Point Manifesto‘ is circulating, aiming to dislodge Khamenei as Supreme Leader, and even more interestingly to entirely reform the security apparatus itself.

Now that really would be change to believe in. Keep watching my Twitter for updates.


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