A New Iranian Revolution?

(photo via Andrew Sullivan)

From Tehran Bureau:

Just south, above Valiasr Sq., one of Tehran’s major commercial hubs, lines of protesters blocked traffic on the city’s most used street. They chanted “Death to the Dictator!” In every direction small groups,
usually four or five, congregated to discuss what they’d seen, sometimes dispersing when the police began to move.

A woman, who was trying to cross the avenue, was shoved onto the sidewalk by a member of the Basij, who spat at her: “We will kill those of you who come into the street!” As she walked away she remarked in disbelief, “They steal our vote and then they talk to us like that?”

Chaos ensued again, as people fled in all directions. The protesters shouted, “Death to the Dictator!” charging, while the Basij fired back with “God is great!” attacking the crowds with their batons.

I approached an elderly gentleman who seemed riveted, but disgusted by the scene in the street in front of him.

“I’ve seen violence like this before,” he remarked, “What can one expect when you disrespect the people. This is a coup d’etat. After blatantly cheating the people they won’t be able to turn this off.”

I’m receiving reports that these sorts of riots are taking place all over Tehran.


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