Why the BNP?

Michael White says:

This is an appalling result for Labour, not least since disaffected Labour voters – those who stayed at home as much as those who put a cross against BNP – are the chief cause of Nick Griffin’s modest success (he actually lost votes in the north-west).

Using the same kind of rhetoric of struggle against oppression, exclusion and victimhood, fringe parties of both left and right – and right across Europe – have targeted voters who have suffered most in the recession and are most offended by the MPs’ expenses scandals because they struggle to pay their bills.

Europe is in crisis, a crisis triggered by excesses of capitalism, yet the mainstream left does not thrive. Yes, I know some people regard Labour as centre-right (a mistake David Cameron will be in a position to rectify quite soon) but the French, Italian and German centre left also got whacked. Xenophobic nationalism gained ground. As I have been saying here for months, it’s nationalism, not nationalisation, which we have to fear.

A great tag line, and one which the remains of New Labour would do well to pay attention to at long last. They stopped paying attention to the traditional white working class and have paid a humiliating price. I’m not justifying the vote for a moment – Nick Griffin makes me physically sick every time I see his face or hear his voice – but it happened for a reason, and it’s been a long time coming. It’s also hardly surprising that some people should be desensitised enough to vote BNP, given that this government decided that forced destitution was deemed a suitable weapon to attack ‘failed’ asylum seekers with, that imprisoning them, imprisoning their children was considered just, and that legal aid didn’t have to apply for them. Pander to the BNP and reap the whirlwind…


6 responses to “Why the BNP?

  1. Please allow me to throw a different light on the subject because there’s been such allot of hoo-ha about all of this and it’s simply distracting the masses from vilifying the real villains. The fact is, The BNP aren’t responsible for the utter mess the country is in now – that’s down to mainstream politics not extremists.

  2. Frank Furedi (author of Politics of Fear) made and interesting point today when he said

    “Unable to inspire voters, the isolated, illiberal oligarchs of the EU are using the threat of fantasy fascism to try to force us to be pro-EU”

  3. The fact is, The BNP aren’t responsible for the utter mess the country is in now – that’s down to mainstream politics not extremists.

    I couldn’t agree more. What disgusts me is that they’ve been allowed to happen. Whilst I think they deserve to be as fully vilified as humanly possible, they are indeed an effect, not the cause of the problem. New Labour’s arrogance and illiberalism has come to bite the political system itself on the ass and they have the nerve to suggest ‘they’ll listen’. Well they’ve not listened for quite some time, and even now are blaming the result on the expenses scandal.

    In the gap will come more extremists, and it’s Gordo and his collapsing party’s fault.

  4. It has left me ashamed at the whole of the NW that this party was allowed to get in. Doesn’t anyone read history anymore? This is how Hitler got in, appealing to disaffected masses. We should not run around apportioning blame, we should all look to ourselves, a country gets the government it deserves.
    We don’t do politics anymore in this country, its a dirty word, there needs to be more grass roots discussion, change always comes from the bottom, so get out their guys and work and vote for the parties that are not corrupt or racist and there are some left.

  5. A big slap to the government at the Liberty conference last weekend came when they were indicted for abandoning any hint of political education in this country, be it teaching civics or even engaging in forms of public education. Of course people won’t understand the Human Rights Act if the trashy tabloids misrepresent them for their own ends. Of course ID cards will seem like a good idea if all you see about Islam is bombings on the TV news. People fear asylum seekers and economic migrants when the government itself demonises the former and inhibits the latter (depending entirely on the colour of their skin).

    We don’t do politics anymore in this country because the New Labour coalition stifled questions about ideology. It was dead Blair crowed, and now he’s been proven completely counterproductive. And his decision to piss on the will of more than 2 million people who made their feelings about the impending Iraq War clear switched people off.

    We do need people to get back out their and continue to represent the case for progressive politics – the man who promised them in 1997 was a liar and it’s time to move on.

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