The BNP? Not in my Name…

By now most of you in the UK (and further afield too) will have realised that the UK has elected its first British National Party (BNP) MEP to Strasbourg. The BNP is a racist, fascist, Nazi organisation. That’s not hyperbole – that’s their raison d’etre. I want the morons who voted for Andrew Brons, as well as people looking in from outside the UK to know something – this was not in my name.

I’ve said my piece here on my Audioboo.


And every right minded person should join this campaign right now.

Say your piece about the BNP’s win here. I’ll kick off by condemning not just those who voted for a Nazi, but those who didn’t vote


6 responses to “The BNP? Not in my Name…

  1. It’s completely the fault of those who didn’t vote at all. People are entitled to vote for the BNP if they are that way inclined, but if the millions of apathetic and disillusioned non-voters had used their votes, the BNP would never have got in.

  2. I don’t think this stuff will work and evidently didn’t work.

    Sunny Hundal is spot on in The Guardian

  3. @Paul – that’s a great article…

  4. Sorry chaps, I’m afraid there wasn’t much for me to coo and swoon over in Sunny Hundal’s article. In my opinion, the fundamental thing he gets wrong is this patronisingly arrogant attitude that people who voted for the BNP did so out of either ignorance, or as a protest against a mainstream party. He fails to even acknowledge that there are people who choose to vote for a party like the BNP because they represent those who believe in Nationalist principles.

  5. Yeh a good point. There’s some alarming language in that article on second reading. I saw Channel 4 interview some BNP voters the other day, who knew exactly why they’d voted BNP – it was legitimised racism. To say that wasn’t a headline element of their vote is naive to put it mildly.

    I do accept that much of the share they picked up was out of protest, but I don’t accept for a minute that anyone could have done so accidentally. I don’t buy that a single person of voting age doesn’t know that the BNP are a bunch of racist, homophobic fascists.

  6. Not in my name either. I’m one of those these people are claiming to represent – yhou know – white, working class and British.

    Well white doesn’t mean special
    Working class doesn’t mean gullible or bigotted
    British doesn’t mean white.

    My blog here might interest you if you don’t mind me posting the link.



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