The BBC and the BNP

In short – the BBC has suffered a complete loss of perspective in dealing with Britain’s fascists. I was aghast last night when David Dimbleby interviewed Nick Griffin, then merely the leader of the British National Party (BNP), when the BBC hadn’t given any airtime whatsoever to his party’s opponents in the contest for Yorkshire/Humberside, in which they had just won their first ever seat for the European Parliament. Why has the BBC given such disproportionate and unbalanced airtime to fascists? If presenting them in their full, disgusting ugliness is the way to destroy them, when then are they not being confronted? The Guardian is asking a similar question

Last night I was accused of advocating censorship against them. Not so. I don’t understand the disproportionate weight given to the BBC’s coverage of them, and how their ultra nationalism hasn’t been properly challenged at all. By all means give them airtime, but make it proportionate to their relevance (why have the Greens not received similar coverage, given that they doubled their vote?) and use it to expose Griffin, Brons and their disgusting kind for what they are. Otherwise you’re giving them the oxygen of publicity which they crave, and do not deserve.


3 responses to “The BBC and the BNP

  1. Sidney Carton

    I have to admit, before today I had never heard of the BNP. Are they an offshoot from Mosley’s original Fascists, or something different?

  2. Doubtless you’re aware but I totally agree with this and was furious yesterday morning to see this ghastly trend continuing on the BBC breakfast program, where they spent 4 or 5 minutes discussing the BNP and interviewed Griffin AGAIN, and in the whole roundup, little or nothing heard of the Greens whos achieved some comparable results.

    I was so incensed I wrote in to complain.

    I have no problem with their getting coverage proportionate to their results – the BBC is mandated to do so by their remit of providing unbiased coverage.

    However this wasn’t what was happening at all, and the BBC’s decision to go with the BNP as pretty much the main story out of the Euro elections was woefully misguided , and biased because they failed to give parties like the Greens equal coverage or airtime, from what I can tell.

    I fear it marks the sad decline in the BBC’s editorial standards, where they choose to take a more sensationalisable piece of news and run with it while apparently neglecting their very real duty as the public service broadcaster to apply these things to an appropriate context, and think of whether the greater good is served by their decisions and their approach.

    I’d have expected this sort of nonsense from a Murdoch channel, it’s terribly depressing to see the BBC at it.

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