Jacqui Smith Resigns?

So the appalling Home Secretary is about to leave?

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to leave the Cabinet in the wake of the scandal over MPs’ expenses, according to Sky sources.

There is no indication yet that Ms Smith will also step down as an MP.

Sky’s political correspondent Joey Jones said: “I have had it from impeccable sources that she has entered into that agreement with the Prime Minister.”

“There will be results on Friday from the local elections and results on Sunday from the European elections and these will probably be very bad for the Prime Minister.

“I fully expect that on Monday morning he will be calling people in to speak to them, to try and reshuffle the Cabinet, the entire government, to try and change things and move forward.”

Good riddance to bad rubbish. It’s only worth celebrating mind if she’s replaced not just with the likes of John Denham, but if her departure marks the beginning of the end of New Labour’s addition to its attitude and culture of ‘protection’ and control. ID cards must go. Innocent people must be immediately removed from the DNA database. Moves to the contracted out superdatabase must be stopped completely. Reform of the police must take place to stop them behaving like a brutal, semi-autonomous militia. People mustn’t be banned from entering the UK just because the Home Secretary doesn’t like them – they must pose a genuine danger. Asylum seekers with genuine risks of torture or death must not be sent back to the countries which they’ve fled from. And let’s not forget her involvement in the Damien Green affair…

This woman was more complicit in establishing a police state than any other Home Secretary. Her departure is worth celebrating, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s important if the hard line she took doesn’t change.


One response to “Jacqui Smith Resigns?

  1. It’s important to support our politicians in this time of need. Send your message here – because we all know how hard it is alienating voters and fiddling your expenses.


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