Vote Green on Thursday!

Tony Juniper writes:

The Green party, in contrast, has proven itself a constructive and trustworthy force in European politics. Its leader, Caroline Lucas MEP, was rated among the most transparent and accountable MEPs in the same report that exposed Nigel Farage. Greens have consistently called for an overhaul of the political system to stamp out corruption, including the introduction of sweeping electoral reform. A vote for the Green party is not only a vote against corruption: it is a vote for a better, more responsive political system. That is why Rupert Read, lead Green candidate here where I live in the eastern region, has been endorsed by Martin Bell, Mark Thomas and Craig Murray – the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who exposed that government’s corruption and use of torture. That is why Joanna Lumley, fresh from her victory over the government on behalf of the Gurkhas, said when endorsing the Green party this week that they were “the obvious choice“.

Indeed, the choice facing the electorate next Thursday could not be clearer. On the one hand there is the prospect to register a protest against the abuses of the main Westminster parties by backing either an equally unaccountable eurosceptic, climate change-denying party, or a blatantly racist party. On the other side it will be possible next week to make a positive vote to clean up politics, in support of some of Europe’s most transparent and motivated politicians, and starting at last to build a greener, more resilient economy. The political climate has decisively changed and the time is ripe for another electoral breakthrough for the Greens, firmly putting the party on course for gaining more seats in Brussels on 4 June and then at Westminster in the general election.


2 responses to “Vote Green on Thursday!

  1. The Greens are reactionary agrarian Maoists.

    The Green Party’s agenda for sustainable living is xenophobic, racist, protectionist, self-destructive and quite possibly making economic arguments for the desirability of genocide.

    I’m not sure who are the more objectionable, the Greens or the BNP. It’s safe to say neither will get my vote.

  2. Now you see that makes no sense at all, and isn’t borne out by the policies, nor by the facts. In fact that’s a pretty reactionary comment which could do with an argument thrown in.

    You’re entitled to vote for whom you wish. But to equate the Greens with the BNP is plain bananas.

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