Don’t Let Cameron Fool You!

It may be impossible for Gordon Brown not to lose the next general election, but don’t be fooled by David Cameron’s overtures to the electorate, disillusioned by an illiberal government and an entire parliament full of money grabbing, self-serving elitists! Take his position on proportional representation (PR):

a Conservative government will not consider introducing proportional representation, as many participants in A New Politics have demanded. The principle underlying all the political reforms a Conservative government would make is the progressive principle of redistributing power and control from the powerful to the powerless. PR would actually move us in the opposite direction, which is why I’m so surprised it’s still on the wish-list of progressive reformers. Proportional representation takes power away from the man and woman in the street and hands it to the political elites. Instead of voters choosing their government on the basis of the manifestos put before them in an election, party managers would choose a government on the basis of secret backroom deals. How is that going to deliver transparency and trust?

The man’s a fraud. He has no more desire to introduce the bedrock to a new democracy than, well Gordon Brown. Proportional representation by definition removes power from the elites and restributes it to the man and woman in the street! If the whole point of PR is to force otherwise antagonistic parties to cooperate, and to force big parties to compromise towards the centre from their more extreme positions, how can that be anything otherwise than progressive? PR in Scotland (which Cameron seems to think we don’t know) has delivered government by the will of the majority, rather than only for those who voted for the one party with the single biggest share of the vote – why should England not have the same? It’s true that electoral reform wouldn’t solve all of British politics’ ills, I’ve mentioned many other changes in previous posts which are necessary alongside a referendum for PR, but Cameron refusing to endorse PR, whilst still rejecting the Human Rights Act should send a chill up any reasonable person’s spine. Want proof?

And we will introduce a British bill of rights to strengthen our liberties, spell out the extent and limit of rights more clearly, and ensure proper democratic accountability over the creation of any new rights.

The putative next Prime Minister is promising more of the same nationalistic, illiberal garbage as he and his opposite number have for years. Only an elitist would try to conflate civil rights with human rights (thereby limiting people’s otherwise universal access to the latter). Don’t be fooled.


3 responses to “Don’t Let Cameron Fool You!

  1. gypsumfantastic

    Given the choice between a man who promises little and has been shown to deliver less and a man who promises much and has yet to be tested on how much he can deliver, I genuinely think I’d struggle to back the guy with a history of failure.

    Are there any of the things that Dave suggested you think are a bad idea?

  2. Let me first ask you if you think that promises for a narrow, nationalistic ‘British Bill of Rights’ (which would limit the ability for people to access universal human rights) and to rescind the Human Rights Act are worth backing under any circumstances.

    Is he right that NuLabour’s nannying has to stop, particularly considering the surveillance crisis it’s led to? Sure. But he’s advocating market-mimicking solutions to get to restoring power to the individual, and is fudging the larger political question of how parliament should do that. He’s lied about transparency already, which doesn’t strengthen his case one iota. Whilst I agree with localising policing, the main body of other reforms he’s advocated come straight from Alan Johnson and Ed Milliband. I’ll agree Brown is not a viable option for anyone, but as awful as Johnson’s record has been on a number of issues, I’d still be more inclined to trust him if it were a straight choice between him and ‘Dave’.

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