More Ironic Catholic Hilarity

So secularism is more dangerous than child abuse eh, Archbishop Nichols?

At the installation of the Most Rev Vincent Nichols at Westminster Cathedral, his predecessor, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, described a lack of faith as “the greatest of evils” and blamed atheism for war and destruction, implying that it was a greater evil even than sin itself.

furious reaction to comments that Archbishop Nichols had made about child abuse in Ireland threatened to cast a shadow over the installation. Referring to the report published on Wednesday that exposed decades of child abuse by Catholic priests and nuns in Ireland, the Archbishop had said that it took courage for religious orders and clergy to “face the facts from their past”. He also warned that the report threatened to overshadow the good done by the religious orders, chiefly the Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy.

So the faith which has acted as a cover for child abuse, faith which is continuing to fuel regional wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and Iraq, which is fueling discrimination and brutality in Iran, the faith which is…hang on, see the paradoxes here? Is atheism really the cause of war and destruction? I guess the Catholic Church doesn’t have a good recent track record at statements which are founded on reason, with the former Hitler Youth Pope decrying gay people for being the cause of the destruction of the environment, and saying that condoms were part of the problem in tackling HIV/AIDS, but this really is quite appalling. For Nichols there’s nothing more damaging to social cohesion than secularism, yet it’s social cohesion on his terms – he’s not exactly ‘tolerant’ of gay people. Reason’s not really that bad a thing after all, is it?


2 responses to “More Ironic Catholic Hilarity

  1. See their priorities here

    This comment gets no response – instead they go on about how the jewish run media conspires against Catholics. Nice bunch aren’t they?

    >> Nichols has said that people should be prosecuted but noone in the Catholic Church has criticized the religious orders for delaying this report and trying to force immunity from prosecution for it members.
    It is estimated that as many as 800 priests and members of religious orders are guilty of rape, sexual abuse, physical beatings, torture and ritual humiliation. What makes it worse is these crimes were carried out against children.
    Those who worked in these homes who did not indulge are still guilty of crimes against these children as most of them did nothing to prevent it, presumably out of a desire to protect their position and lifestyle. At the top of the pile should be anyone who served as a bishop in Ireland from the 1930s through to the 1970s who conspired to cover up this abuse. Any still living should be facing a custodial sentence.
    While these people remain unamed how can any of us be sure who they are and where they are. There is plenty of movement between the Church in Ireland and Britain.
    I think the thousands of people who were victims of this abuse – and the current estimate is that there were over 200,000 victims many of whom were abused repeatedly over the years should be angry at Nichols for saying how brave these people are for facing their past.
    – How brave do you have to be to rape an 8 year old?
    – How have they faced up to their past – spending months in court preventing the release of their names is not facing up to their past.
    How can anyone have faith in Nichols when his primary concern has been spinning this to diffuse criticism or financial risk to the Church and he along with the Church leadership in Ireland has taken no steps to ensure that these people are prosecuted. Did he take any steps to ensure that none of them were working in the Birmingham diocese?
    The Christian Brothers et al should give their blessing for their members mentioned in the report to be named and the leaders of any religious order who refuse to give their permission should be excommunicated and rot in hell.

  2. Why aren’t the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy treated like any other violent criminal organization or hate group (al qaeda, the mafia. neo-nazis, United Bamboo, Tijuana Cartel, etc.). There will be no justice for the victims as long as there are no arrests and these christianists are permited to continue operations.

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