Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Disaster!

We live in an age where the United States is rapidly embracing gay marriage (take note California State Supreme Court), yet despite Obama’s campaign pledge to abandon the divisive ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy, nothing seems to be happening:

This really is intolerable. If the Obama administration is supposed to be about the rule of law, then it’s an outrage that service people can still be dismissed merely for the fact of their sexual orientation; it’s bigotry.  How can a Commander-in-Chief who is black accept such discrimination under his watch for even a moment? As the report points out on a practical, business side it’s an unthinkable waste of training costs, it’s a waste of precious and vital resources, and is a ludicrous slap in the face to people who have chosen to serve their country, often with distinction. Other countries have had no problems when (in the UK’s case being forced to by the European Court of Human Rights) they have repealed their bans, so why is there still no change in the US?

The Wall Street Journal hints at an Obama long game, suggesting that current DADT legal battles are being waged in the knowledge they’ll be lost, thus eventually providing an overriding legal case with which to then justify the repeal of the gay ban. Others believe Obama could end the ban with a single executive order which he could issue with the stroke of a pen. What’s interesting is the way in which journalist Ana Marie Cox has this week drawn out the difference between what the Pentagon is saying and what the White House is saying, and force the latter into a concrete position. This administration has to stop hedging its bets on gay rights – when opinion polls show the public favours a repeal of the ban and straight service people themselves no longer advocate the ban on the grounds of morale, it has to go and should go now.

(via Towleroad)


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