Christianist Teacher Claims Gay People ‘Risk God’s Wrath’

The Christianists are at it again:

A Christian teacher was suspended from his post after complaining that a training day was being used to “promote” gay rights.

History teacher Kwabena Peat, 54, was one of several staff who walked out of the seminar at Park View Academy in North London.

The presentation was given by Sue Sanders of Schools Out, which campaigns against homophobia in education.

Mr Peat claimed that Ms Sanders had said questioned whether heterosexuality was normal.

In a letter to the staff members who organised the talk, he said that Ms Sanders’ presentation had been “aggressive” and, citing the Bible, claimed that gay people “risked God’s wrath”.

The staff addressed in the letter then complained to the school’s principal saying they felt “harassed and intimidated”.

He really wasn’t paying any attention to the Lillian Ladele case, was he? He’s perfectly entitled to have homophobic ideas, indeed to live with the delusion that somehow his God and religion hate gay people, but he’s not entitled under the law to use that belief as a weapon. I’m sure his school has an equal opportunities policy requiring him not to act in a discriminatory way against gay people, so what gives him the impression that his religious rights are paramount over all?

Some of you might say hold on, isn’t Sue Sanders’ statement somewhat ridiculous, somewhat militant and politically correct? Did that not give him the justification to object? Well to give it a context:

“She started promoting homosexual lifestyles and suggesting those who had objections should sort out their prejudices. She said, ‘What makes you all think that to be heterosexual is natural?’ It was at that point that I walked out.”
Speaking to, Ms Sanders said of her comment: “Taken out of context, it looks very stark.

She said she explains to her audience the heteronormative model of gender theory.

“It’s quite complex but enables people to question what is normal.

He’ll do as he’s told when it comes to working in the public sector, he’ll not behave in a bigoted or a discriminatory way, otherwise he’ll lose his job. It’s a very simple equation – we live under the rule of law, not the rule of ‘God’. Gender theory training will inevitably question trainees’ ideas about ‘normality’, it won’t suggest that being heterosexual wasn’t normal. And when the rights to be religious and the right to be gay are in conflict, the outcome is now clear – being religious does not give you the right to discriminate. End of.


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