How Did We Get to Torture?

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(with thanks to Paul Canning)

And the Daily Kos has a superb, fully referenced timeline detailing this mess the United States has got itself into around torture. Merely reading the Red Cross’ report about torture at Guantánamo Bay makes for harrowing reading. The United States, more than most countries, is supposed not to be about the wanton infliction of cruel and degrading treatment on others for any reason. This isn’t a political perspective, this is about basic humanity. Bear in mind even Bush’s FBI director has publicly stated that torture never prevented a single terrorist atrocity in the post-9/11 period. Yet even now war criminals like Dick Cheney continue to justify their behaviour when in office. Scared of having to face justice perhaps?

(via Andrew Sullivan)


One response to “How Did We Get to Torture?

  1. One of the very relevant but not repeated enough points which Sullivan has made is about our non-use of torture during the second world war.

    He has posted about how we used psychological methods to get information from German POWs.

    Since Americans seem to sanctify Churchill this seems very moot.

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