Spending Squeeze – Prisons First, ID Cards Next?

This week’s budget has shown the government in its biggest financial crisis since WWII. First to get hit in public spending are prisons:

Proposals for three 2,500-capacity jails likely to be replaced with plans for five 1,500-place prisons

The government is set to abandon plans for three 2,500-capacity Titan prisons, it emerged today.

The justice secretary, Jack Straw, is instead expected to announce plans for five 1,500-place jails on Monday.

Two of those are set to go ahead immediately.

Can we get rid of the wasteful, p0intless vanity exercise which are ID cards now please? If they now stay, it will be clear that the government’s prestige is tied up uniquely in the control of the population, and that they won’t allow a small matter like the biggest recession of modern times get in the way of that. If it really is just an administrative tidy-up as they claim, then watch them go. But they won’t…


One response to “Spending Squeeze – Prisons First, ID Cards Next?

  1. but id cards might let them tax you better so they’ll probably keep those!

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