Plot? What Plot?

On 10th April I tweeted:

cosmodaddy Would the Times look *really* stupid if this ‘bomb plot’ were as non-existent as the ‘liquid on planes’ ‘plot’?

Well it’s now a valid question:

Greater Manchester Police have released without charge all 11 men arrested a fortnight ago in the north-west of England over an alleged terror plot. The last two men to be released have joined nine others given their freedom last night.

Gordon Brown had claimed the operation uncovered a “very big plot” against the UK.

In a statement, Greater Manchester police said: “The 11 men were questioned and the evidence gathered presented to the CPS who advised there was insufficient evidence gathered within the permitted timescales which would have allowed a warrant of further detention to be gathered or charges to be pursued.

“It is not possible to bail people under terrorism legislation so the men were released.

“Public safety is always the police’s top priority and all information is fully considered and acted upon appropriately to minimise risk to the public.”

In a press conference on the steps of the police headquarters, chief constable Peter Fahy said: “These people are innocent and they walk away … there are constant threats to this country but we totally respect the situation, we respect that they are innocent until proved guilty.”

I love the wording. If I can crack the code for you what they really said was ‘Because we can’t hold these terrorists for 42 days and find all the evidence we need to prove their guilt in a massive plot which was to have taken place over easter…oops…sometime soon…we have to let them go. Bloody liberals.’

Joking aside though, what plot? And if they are innocent, what right does the government then have to deport them? The police, government and most media presented this story as though the arrested students were already guilty, and now it has been shown to be as overblown as the ‘liquid on planes’, they’re just being removed from view like an unpleasant mistake. The Home Office said:

“We are seeking to remove these individuals on grounds of national security. The government’s highest priority is to protect public safety. Where a foreign national poses a threat to this country we will seek to exclude or to deport, where this is appropriate.”

Excuse me if they’re innocent how exactly do they pose a threat to this country? What right do they have to infringe their rights if they’re innocent?


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