Homophobic Mother Fined!

Just to prove that some people are capable of anything:

Celia Duncan, 42 from Aberdeen has been fined £250 for shouting homophobic abuse at her 16 year old son, Stuart O’Neill.

Duncan has admitted breaching the peace by screaming expletives and allegedly calling O’Neill and his boyfriend “poofs” after she caught the pair holding hands.

Duncan has also admitted to sending her son abusive text messages.

It’s unfathomable to me that a mother could treat her son in such a fashion for any reason under the sun. You want more?

Fiscal depute Cecilia Dyckhoff, prosecuting, told the court: “The complainer was walking with his friend on Back Hilton Road when he saw Miss Duncan’s car going past, brake suddenly, turn round and stop.

“He knew it was her car and started to run away. He and his friend climbed a wall and ran through a wood and the accused chased him shouting at them, making homophobic remarks.”

Ms Dyckhoff said Mr O’Neill’s mother later sent him a voicemail saying: “I will get you, believe me, and you will get your head kicked in.”

She told the court: “He then got a text message that said ‘I will get you and your poof’.”

Laws change but this is proof that attitudes do not evolve at the same rate. The boy himself added:

“My mum didn’t like the fact I was gay.

“She told me to stop being gay or get out of Aberdeen. She basically threw me out of the house.”

It’s certainly implicit that Stuart took out a prosecution against his mother for homophobic abuse (and good for him if so), but I’d be interested to know for sure nonetheless.


One response to “Homophobic Mother Fined!

  1. it’s a sad family issue, all the more tragic for it’s universalness. Hope they find a way to work thru it in time and heal the breach.

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