Save Delara Darabi!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Iranian media is reporting that Delara Darabi, an Iranian girl facing execution whom Amnesty’s been been campaigning for since 2007, could be executed as soon as Monday 20th April. We’re asking people to take urgent action to try to stop this at

It seems that Delara may have confessed to a crime that she didn’t commit. Together with her 19-year-old boyfriend, Amir, she went to a woman’s house in 2003. Amir reportedly killed the woman but Delara initially confessed to the murder, saying that Amir asked her to confess to protect him from execution – as she was under 18, they believed that she could not be sentenced to death.

Since then Delara has retracted her confession but she was sentenced to death all the same. She’s been languishing in prison ever since, with some reports that she has been very badly treated.

We’re now very worried that Delara may be about to be executed. Amnesty members around the world are urgently campaigning to stop her execution. There’s also an active online campaign for Delara on MySpace with background material, pics and a petition to sign.

In the past, Iran has commuted death sentences after international outcry, so we think this campaign could really make a difference.  We’re urging people to take action and spread the word about Delara’s story.



3 responses to “Save Delara Darabi!

  1. Nice post… Thanks for the link. That video is too sad. I can’t watch it all.

    I sent in the email… I doubt it’ll do much but it’s better than nothing. Let’s hope for the best.

  2. Colum McAndrew

    Actually Iran has a histroy of stopping executions in which outside states have become interested. Taking action on this case has a real chance of having a positive effect.

    • You were right it does have a history of that sort. Unfortunately it didn’t work this time…

      Stuff like this is rather disheartening and makes you lose faith in humanity, but can’t give up.


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