Obama Administration Covers Up Torture

Scott Horton reports how the new CIA Director and Attorney-General are hand-in-hand working to make the accusations of torture against CIA officials during the Bush Administration go away:

Now the CIA and the Obama Justice Department have locked arms in an act of open obstruction: on Thursday they wrote the judge overseeing the FOIA litigation that they will produce no evidence from the period before the issuance of the Justice Department’s opinion. It’s not that such evidence doesn’t exist. It’s that the evidence would establish criminal conduct for which Panetta’s defense of “reliance on advice of counsel” doesn’t work. We are witnessing something akin to an institutional invocation of the Fifth Amendment, and in an act of ultimate perversion, it is being asserted by prosecutors.

Leon Panetta’s promise of absolution is being implemented—by way of cover-up. And the Eric Holder Department of Justice is complicit at every step along the way.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

Very dangerous and certainly not the ‘change’ their boss’ mandate is predicated on. It comes ironically at a time when Spain has decided to initiate proceedings against officials of the former Bush Administration on the grounds of torture (at Guantánamo Bay). It seems ludicrous to see the legal pendulum swinging against those who committed or authorised torture, but for the Obama Administration to be essentially obstructing justice leaves me hoping he has one of his famous, patented ‘long games’ in motion…


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