Metropolitan Police: A Brutal Assault

They’re at it again, this time at the vigil in honour of Ian Tomlinson. Proportionate? You tell me:

(thanks to Paul Canning)

So he’s been suspended, which indicates they’re panicking. I see the Guardian says he’s a member of the territorial support group, as was his colleague who attacked Ian Tomlinson. Read this to see what the TSG are really like.

David Winnick MP, a member of the home affairs select committee, said last night the footage showed “more totally unacceptable” behaviour by a police officer.

He added: “The home secretary should make a statement about events at the G20 protests. That statement should include first and foremost Ian Tomlinson’s death and explain why police made a totally misleading statement about their contact with him.”

I’m betting she won’t, but it’s heartening to see some form of parliamentary insight finally making its voice heard, albeit without any action (yet).


4 responses to “Metropolitan Police: A Brutal Assault

  1. We must demand a statement from the Home Office concerning police violence in the G20 protests. The TSG officers are spiralling out of control and are getting away with murder ( De Menezes, Ian Tomlinson.. the ones that went public). Time to stop these thugs NOW!

  2. What exactly did she do to deserve a slap in the face like that? How fucking DARE he? Was he protecting himself from that woman half his size? And what lethal weapon was she using? Her voice?


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