Tomlinson Inquiry: Police Wavering

The fallout from Ian Tomlinson’s death at the G20 protests is continuing to grow in severity. The Independent Police Complaints Commission initially appointed the City of London Police to investigate what happened, however after the video of the police attack on him was released, this was clearly untenable:


Britain’s police watchdog is to remove the police from the investigation into the death of Ian Tomlinson during last week’s G20 protests and carry out its own independent inquiry, the Guardian has learned.

Earlier this week the Independent Police Complaints Commission appointed the City of London force to investigate the incident, despite its officers having been involved in policing the protest, instead of using its own investigators.

Video obtained by the Guardian of the minutes before Tomlinson’s death clearly shows City of London officers from the standing near the officer who attacked the newspaper seller. That officer is believed to be from the Metropolitan force.


2 responses to “Tomlinson Inquiry: Police Wavering

  1. I understand the reason no specific force have been appointed is because they have yet to identify the coppers involved, and they could have actually been from City of London as opposed to The Met.

  2. I think you can imply that rather than know it. It’s equally probable that the reason was because there were City officers involved in the incident, making an impartial investigation completely impossible.

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