Gay Marriage in Sweden

Sweden has just joined countries like Spain, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Holland, South Africa and more American states as days go by in offering full marriage equality:

Six of the seven parties in Swedish parliament have backed a proposal to introduce a gender-neutral marriage law.

The proposal passed today with a 261 to 22 vote and 16 abstentions.

The only party to oppose the ruling were the Christian Democrats, stating that the party wanted to maintain “a several hundred-year-old concept” of marriage.

It is not yet certain that the changes will affect church marriage ceremonies, but in February, a majority of Church of Sweden bishops said the church should no longer handle legal marriage registrations, DPA reported.

Wonderful, progressive news. Well done Sweden!


3 responses to “Gay Marriage in Sweden

  1. Michael Habib

    Ohh my God, I think the end of the world is very soon then. Even Sweden went like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. It’s like the US military ban – let gays have rights and freedoms that everyone else has and the world will actually end

  3. I think the solidarity amongst gay people has created such cooperation that they are embedded in the ruling class

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