Gordon Brown is a Fraud

Gordon Brown is about to take the ‘War’ on Terror to a new level:

Together with the new US administration, we are developing a strategy to tackle the terrorist threat across the region, the underlying causes, the extremist madrasas and the lawless spaces in which terrorists recruit or train. A vital part of this is building up the security forces of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the support of our own armed forces, so they can take on more of this responsibility for themselves, an approach I discuss frequently with Presidents Karzai and Zardari, urging closer co-operation between their countries.

Recast: a vital part of this is building up the security forces of fundamentally corrupt puppet regimes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How on earth is that going to improve the safety of Western Europe against Islamist terrorist attack? Karzai is discredited and Zardari has long been known to be on the take, so isn’t this approach just a continuation of the way business as usual was conducted pre-9/11?

As the threats we face are changing rapidly, we can never assume that the established way of doing things will be enough. We will always make the necessary changes, whether through greater investment, changes to our laws or reforms to the way we do things, to ensure that Britain is protected.

And at all times, the responsibility remains the same – protecting the security of all and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of the individual. I outlined to Parliament last week the steps we are taking to make absolutely clear that we meet the highest standards, continuing to condemn unequivocally the use of torture, never torturing nor ever asking others to torture for us.

And yet on his watch both as Prime Minister and Chancellor, the United Kingdom has been complicit both in torture and extraordinary rendition. Proof exists, but is currently suppressed from publication, that the British government knew what was happening to Binyam Mohammed, and indeed played a role in his multi-year torture in Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. The ‘war’ on terror narrative has claimed numerous victims like Binyam Mohammed, and it’s telling that at a time when the Obama Administration is distancing itself from such a myopic perspective on such a complicated set of interlocking problems, that Brown is getting ever more blinkered.

Terrorism threatens the rights that all in this country should hold dear, including the most fundamental human right of all – the right to life. We know that terrorists will keep on trying to strike and that protecting Britain against this threat remains our most important job.

I believe that this updated strategy, recognised by our allies to be world-leading in its wide-ranging nature, leaves us better prepared and strengthened in our ability to ensure all peace-loving people of this country can live normally, with confidence and free from fear.

And here we go, returning to the straw man argument about ‘right to life’. Terrorism indeed threatens the right to life; his government however has constantly attacked the right to freedom from torture, from arbitrary arrest, to freedom of assembly, to a fair trial, to the right to leave and return to this country, and that’s just human rights as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How are we expected to ‘live normally’ under such conditions? Gordon Brown is a massive fraud and a far bigger threat to human rights and civil liberties than Al Qaeda could ever hope to be.


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