The Met’s Campaign of Racism

The other day I wrote about the Metropolitan Police’s abuse and torture of Babar Ahmad, a ‘terror suspect’ who has never had any evidence presented against him, nor has he been charged with any offence. Well the officers involved in that arrest have been revealed to have been systematically attacking non-white suspects for some time:

But the Guardian can reveal that the Met was aware for years that the six officers involved were the subject of repeated complaints. According to documents submitted to the court, four of the officers who carried out the raid on Ahmad’s home had 60 allegations of assault against them – of which at least 37 were made by black or Asian men. One of the officers had 26 separate allegations of assault against him – 17 against black or Asian men.

The Met has confirmed that since 1992 all six officers involved in the Ahmad assault had been subject to at least 77 complaints. When lawyers for Ahmad asked for details of these allegations it emerged that the police had “lost” several large mail sacks detailing at least 30 of the complaints.

The Met responded, saying:

Scotland Yard said that all but one of the 77 allegations against the six TSG officers had been found to be unsubstantiated, because the complainant failed to assist them any further, the complaint was withdrawn or informally resolved, or investigated and found to be unsubstantiated.

How convenient for them. They themselves discounted the complaints against them because the complainants were too scared of them to proceed any further? I thought that Sir Paul Stephenson said that the force was no longer institutionally racist? Surely a story like this proves it couldn’t be more of a problem for a force which still appears eager to act like a law unto itself.


7 responses to “The Met’s Campaign of Racism

  1. Or those 76 complaints were false or spurious. It’s a common tactic for minority criminals to claim racial abuse when apprehended. It’s even listed as SOP for the Islamic terrorists to claim abuse and bigotry when captured in order to portray their enemies as evil.

    You’re a bit too quick to decide that the police are wrong.

  2. Read the story, troll.

  3. Interesting.

  4. I read the story, cosmodaddy. It referenced a lot of supposition without facts or proven documentation.

    All i did was present the logical counter-argument, which is equally unproven at this time. Apparently that makes me a “troll,” but then Liberals do tend to think of dissent as being divisive these days

    As I said, you’re a bit too quick to decide that the police are wrong.

  5. No you’re a troll because you troll, not because you disagree. You’ve done it on all the other threads you’ve invaded. You’re either highly unintelligent and don’t understand the story as written or enjoy sniping on threads whilst happily remaining ignorant of their context. I even cross-referenced previous stories, but that seems not to work for you either.

    The Metropolitan Police have been identified by the judiciary as institutionally racist – this is one of many stories currently in play which prove the exact opposite. Just because you present a counter-argument doesn’t make it remotely credible. Think it over.

  6. Would yo prefer me to leave? If so, just ask or ban me. I understand that opposing viewpoints – especially ones that side with authority or conservative values – aren’t necessarily welcome.

    Just say the word or hit the buttons.

    Oddly though, you’ve been the only only one to launch personal attacks and sink to the level of rudeness…I have merely voiced opinions you don’t care for.

  7. I don’t care. It’s got nothing to do with viewpoints I don’t care for – they’re positively welcome. It’s trolling which irritates me, not conservative values.

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