Pope Benedict XVI is Immoral

The backlash against Benedict is continuing:

The Vatican’s stance is not simply irresponsible; it is immoral. African countries, as some of the most under-developed in the world, will arguably suffer the worst consequences of the “new” global challenges – climate change and the global economic downturn. The “old” ones also have not gone anywhere – severe poverty, malaria, the brain-drain, poor health, education and infrastructure, bad and corrupt leadership, civil war and genocide.

The last thing Africans need is to be told that religion, the last vessel of hope for many, demands that they ignore one of the very few things they are able to do to help themselves.

It’s unbelievable that a man with no experience in sexual affairs, and who puts religious doctrine above the realities of the world, should pontificate so cynically on such an important matter. Is Church membership really more important than people’s lives?


2 responses to “Pope Benedict XVI is Immoral

  1. Yes because if they die without heirs the church will move to claim their land.

  2. I was lucky enough to have dedicated parents who paid for me to receive a very good education at the Diocesan College in Cape Town, South Africa – some 30 to 40 years ago. Most of the staff at my school had Oxbridge degrees, and I followed suit. I went on to join the BBC, and later, to run a concert hall, which was most worthwhile. I’m also still in touch with some of my school friends, many of whom still live in South Africa. But, as I said at the start, I was lucky enough….. I know that there are many who aren’t……

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