A March Abbey Mindblog – 3


It’s kind of strange bringing this up as a P.S. because it’s so fundamental to the whole point of doing the meditation in the first place. A whole swathe of time got dedicated to the question of connection, which some might call God (not me). The point being that we are far more than the limited pool of energy in our tiny immediate brain and body. Empirically it’s easy the older you get to appreciate that our thoughts and feelings aren’t shaped from nothing by us, they’re the results of the interactions and relationships we have in the world. The self is far bigger and harder to nail down than modern psychology would like us to believe!

The implications are big. You then have no choice to stay true to this reality, by extending loving kindness and compassion out to everyone. Of course we have our own limits, but in essence not to extend them outwards is to deny them to part of what makes us who we are and vital. And that’s just silly.


One response to “A March Abbey Mindblog – 3

  1. serendipity hopeful

    We have our own limits but if united with the true nature (Buddha Nature), the limit is borderless. Each of us is just a drop of water but if we are united with the ocean, we become part of the borderless, big ocean. The implication is truly big!

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