A March Abbey Mindblog – 1

Interesting in preparation for exploring how we generate positive mindstates to look at the four fields of mindfulness again. I’m aware of my body mind but noticed very quickly that I experience it very much through the prism of thought. My mind still has a very limited lexicon for experiencing the body in its own terms. I wonder how or how much more easily I could generate certain mindstates by developing a better relationship with my body through the body mind rather than the thinking mind. Is say preferring being fit a key to being able to generate compassion more easily?

This came from last night’s exercise – walking my life’s timeline. Looking back to the present from the very end, I saw how compassionate and positive and warm I expected to be to myself in the final two thirds of my life. That isn’t dependent on anyone or being with anyone – it’s about my relationship with my big mind. And this is where my priorities in my life now are.

Posted by ShoZu


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