Lillian Ladele Loses Right to Appeal

You will no doubt remember the case of Lillian Ladele, the civil registrar in the London Borough of Islington who decided that her devout Christianity should preclude her in her secular role from conducting secular civil partnerships. You’ll remember that she was initially successful in her employment tribunal against the local council, which agreed with her that she had been discriminated against on the grounds of religion. Yet of course on appeal that ruling was quashed when more credible and wide-ranging evidence proved the council was guilty of a lack of consultation perhaps, but not much more. She and her sponsors, the evangelical Christian Institute vowed to take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Again as expected the Court of Appeal has thrown the case out:

Lillian Ladele, the Islington registrar who refused to conduct same-sex Civil Partnerships on religious grounds, has been refused leave to appeal against the decision of an Employment Tribunal that she did not suffer religious discrimination at work. She has also been ordered to pay costs.

This really needs to stop now. Theists of every background need to realise that religious discrimination laws really cannot be used to legitimise discrimination against minorities they believe their religion doesn’t approve of. In a post-religious society, governed by the rule of law, it’s a relief that the right institutions are making the right decisions when rights are perceived as coming into conflict with one another.

(via Owenblacker)


3 responses to “Lillian Ladele Loses Right to Appeal

  1. Amen!

    I am the minister of the Islington Unitarians and we are rejoicing at this decision. Finally, this nasty anti-gay effort is at its end.

    Andy Pakula

  2. Islington Council have shown no respect for Lillian’s rights. When she became a Registrar there was no such thing as Civil Partnerships and and this should have been taken into account. I have read extensively about this case and see no evidence that Lillian was either nasty or ‘anti-gay’. On the contrary she was consistently professional despite some very nasty behaviour by her employers and colleagues. The minister of the Islington Unitarians should be ashamed of his unchristian post.

  3. When she became a Registrar there was no such thing as Civil Partnerships and and this should have been taken into account.

    But it was taken into account. And options were given to her, which were acceptable to other people of extreme religious persuasion; others made the choice of resigning. Lillian wanted special treatment, which she masked under the guise of ‘religious discrimination’ – fortunately the appeal tribunal finally picked this apart properly under the law!

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