Jacqui Smith Ignores European Court

You heard. Ignores. The government was told by the European Court of Human Rights that its policy of retaining the DNA of innocent people on its DNA database was illegal. Jacqui Smith’s response:

Home Office sources said the government, which was given three months to respond to the ruling, has “no plans” to destroy samples of DNA.

So rather than complying with the European Court the government is essentially determined to sidestep it. Removing innocent people from the database is meaningless if their samples are retained. All to shore up a database whose overall effectiveness is questionable, and despite it being a statistical fact that the inclusion of the innocent hasn’t helped solve crime at all.


3 responses to “Jacqui Smith Ignores European Court

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  2. Nothing this appalling government does anymore surprises me.

    And who are we supposed to vote for next time if we really want change? Conservative? It’s laughable.

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