No Justice for Michael Causer

You may have read my earlier post about the murder of gay teenager Michael Causer. Gavin Alker has been acquitted by the jury, who believed he was acting in self defence. I never knew Mikey Causer, but having seen his Facebook profile, and followed this story closely, it’s unthinkable that he could be denied justice, particularly on such laughable grounds. Mikey’s mother said:

“Michael weighed seven-and-a-half stone. He couldn’t have hurt a fly. If anyone acted in self-defence that night it was Michael. I want someone to explain to me how a lad who worked in an old people’s home for free, who called bingo numbers, who volunteered for the British Lung Foundation’s Breathe Easy scheme can be a thug.”


According to evidence put before the jury, the trigger-point for the violence came when sexually explicit images of the trainee hairdresser were found on his mobile phone, prompting a “sustained and brutal” attack on his naked sleeping form and leaving him with a fractured skull and a swollen brain. Mr Causer was punched, kicked and finally battered around the head with a heavy history book so forcibly that the book’s spine broke, the court heard. It was alleged that Mr Alker, who had never met Mr Causer, screamed “You little queer faggot” adding, “He’s a little queer, he deserves it.” During the trial it was also claimed that a cigarette lighter was used to burn the hair on Mr Causer’s legs, and that threats were made to rip out his body piercings with a knife.

Below is a video of the demonstration which followed Alker’s acquital:


4 responses to “No Justice for Michael Causer

  1. I think there will be justice because the other lad involved has already admitted murder and awaits sentence. However, Gavin Alker was indisputably there at the time and admitted hitting Michael, and admitted he knew his friend James O’Connor had kicked and stamped on him which killed him: quite how he escaped without any blame beggars belief.

    We can only hope O’Connor is dealt with effectively next.

  2. he was only 7 stone, his mum said they got it wrong in the paper, this is so sad and theirs been no justice

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