I’m A Photographer… Not A Terrorist

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Have you seen police misbehaviour? I have. I’ve been on the receiving end of it too and photographed them doing it. It’s yet another plank in Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s nascent police state to make it illegal to photograph the police. Journalists like Marc Vallée (in the film) who have a respectable career documenting protests and demonstrations? The police have assaulted him without provocation on more than one occasion – now they can call him a terrorist and not have to justify a thing.

Links to the demonstration and the issues behind it here.


3 responses to “I’m A Photographer… Not A Terrorist

  1. Wow that is seriously messed up! Great post!

  2. this turns up fairly regularly even here in the US but courts routinely find against the police when it gets that far. It’s nice to be protected!

  3. Thanks for keeping on this meme.

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