Jacqui Smith is a Foul Hypocrite!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has banned Islamophobic Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering the UK:

Geert Wilders was due to show his 17-minute film Fitna, which criticises the Koran as a “fascist book”, at the House of Lords tomorrow.

But he said he received a letter from the Home Office refusing him entry to Britain because his opinions “threaten community security and therefore public security” in the UK.

Mr Wilders, a member of Holland’s Freedom Party, told the BBC he still planned to fly into Heathrow Airport early tomorrow afternoon, adding: “Let’s see what will happen.”

The government’s justified its banning order, saying:

“It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country and that was the driving force behind tighter rules on exclusions for unacceptable behaviour that the Home Secretary announced in October last year.”

Hang on. Wilders threatens public security therefore he can’t enter the UK? Peter Tatchell points out the Home Secretary’s disgusting hypocrisy:

“She gives visas to demagogues who incite violence and murder, while banning from the UK a Dutch MP who has never incited violence against anyone.

“I do not agree with Mr Wilders, but he has never threatened violence against Muslims.

The Home Secretary regularly grants visas and work permits to Jamaican reggae singers who openly incite the murder of lesbian and gay people. Incitement to murder is a very serious criminal offence.

“The Home Office and Metropolitan Police also allow radio stations and record stores to promote their murder-inciting CDs.

“Last November, Jacqui Smith gave Jamaican reggae singer Bounty Killer (Rodney Price) permission to perform at a concert in east London. He had been banned from Guyana earlier in 2008 over his murderous lyrics, but the British government said he was welcome to sing in the UK.

“It is double standards to ban Geert Wilders and not Bounty Killer.

“Bounty Killer encourages and glorifies gang violence. At a time when so many young people have been murdered in gang-related gun and knife crime, it is reckless and obscene for the Home Secretary to give Bounty Killer a visa and work permit.”

Jacqui Smith is making it abundantly clear that she considers lesbian and gay lives to be of less value than (in this instance) Muslim lives. There’s quite simply no other reasonable interpretation of the double standard. I think Wilders’ racism is deplorable, but don’t agree for a second that he shouldn’t be allowed into the UK (particularly because he’s an elected representative in fellow EU member state). Unlike Bounty Killer he indeed doesn’t incite violence against Muslims, yet the Home Office considers him more of a threat to ‘community security’? It’s a cynical move, which is only likely to justify extremism rather than hinder it. Daniel Hannan is quite right when he says:

No good will come of this revolting cowardice. We have damaged relations with a friendly country; we have given the idiotic Wilders a dignity he doesn’t deserve; and we have once again cast British Muslims, quite unfairly, in the role of potential murderers.


One response to “Jacqui Smith is a Foul Hypocrite!

  1. It’s disturbing how little interest there is in this.

    Watched BBC news live

    News items:

    1. Australia
    2. India
    3. Kenya
    4. Israel
    5. Climate change
    6. Obama
    7. Ingushetia
    8. Pope
    9. West Africa
    10. Japanese economy.
    11. “Far Right Dutch [etc] banned”

    – Interview with “expert” who informs that Fitna is racist because “anti-Islam”

    – Interview with Milliband, dumbest Jew in the world


    – No interview with or comment from Wilders

    Britain: Dead man/woman/transexual walking

    Wilders should go on a tour of European capitals, see who else dares kick him out (or who else dares anger their Muslim overlords by letting him in)

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