The World’s First Out Gay Prime Minister

Iceland has just appointed its and the world’s first out gay Prime Minister:

Johanna Sigurdardottir was named new prime minister by the country’s coalition political parties.

Iceland’s previous coalition cabinet of PM Geir Haarde collapsed last month under the strain of an escalating economic crisis.

Ms Sigurdardottir’s government said on Sunday it would immediately start to tackle Iceland’s crisis.

“The government inherits enormous difficulties due to the banking and systemic collapse as well as considerable and rapidly increasing foreign debts and liabilities of the national economy,” the new coalition said in a statement.

It said its priorities would be replacing the board of governors of the central bank and to ask a parliamentary committee to look at the possibility of entering the European Union.

Ms Sigurdardottir:

is greatly respected by her colleagues, political opponents and the people.

She was recently voted the most trustworthy politician in Iceland with a 60% to 70% approval rating, despite serving in the government widely considered to be responsible for the financial meltdown.

The public knows her as someone that has strong and inflexible principles and an utter disdain for elitism and wastefulness.

She is remembered as the minister who refused to accept a personal chauffeur and a luxury car paid for by the public.

Instead images of her driving around in her tatty Mitsubishi endeared her to many Icelanders.


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