Richard Littlejohn: Gay Men Steal Children

Hard on the heels of his Daily HateMail columnist colleagues Amanda Platell and Melanie Phillips, now Richard Littlejohn wades in with his take on the gay adoption case in Edinburgh:

As for anonymity, does anyone really think that two gay men, living together in an Edinburgh suburb, who suddenly start playing Happy Families with a five-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, are going to go unnoticed?

Coincidentally, this story emerged in the week in which details were revealed of the millions spent in the search for little Maddie McCann, who was abducted almost two years ago and is still missing.

On the face of it, the cases have nothing in common.

But stolen children are at the heart of both.

Does it matter whether your child or grandchild has been taken by a complete stranger or by social workers?

What’s worse: not knowing, or knowing — and being utterly unable to do anything to get them back, after being told that if you try, you will never, ever see them again?

In each case, the key question is the same: what kind of monsters could do something like this?

Is Littlejohn really suggesting that the placing by social services of the vulnerable children of a heroin addict with gay adoptive parents is the same as a child criminally stolen from her parents by a child trafficker/paedophile? I’d ask the question: what kind of monster would say something like that? Disgusting.


6 responses to “Richard Littlejohn: Gay Men Steal Children

  1. SS in UK are disgusting. It is not about gay or not gay,it is about children stolen from grandparents.
    I hope this multimillionaire ( daily mail wrote about it) will win this legal battle and kids will be returned to grandparents.Everything is sold and bought in your damn UK. Judges in secret courts…It is a case who has more money.Who will pay more. (I am from Latvia,by the way).

  2. Nonsense, it has nothing to do with who has more money. There’s a whole side to the story that hasn’t been heard, and probably won’t be because of the security of the kids. Who can say why the grandparents weren’t considered fit to look after the children – maybe Social Services thought that they needed to be kept further away from their mother while there was a risk, maybe they thought that the grandparents had other things on their plate and wouldn’t be in the right place to look after two small children.

    All the Daily Mail rubbish that is going about with this story is sickening, and not at all surprising.

  3. the daughter could also be living with the grand parents, or could be they drove their daughter crazy. I tend to side with the social workers on site. They tend to know the situation best.

  4. I’ve posted elsewhere about this issue. Leaving aside the fact that the couple are gay, which has no bearing on anything at all, the kids were removed from the care of their birth family FOR A REASON. As an ex-foster carer I have had a great deal of experience with Social Services (admittedly not in Edinburgh) and they always try to place kids with family members first because it’s cheaper. There is no way they’d go to the expense of arranging an adoption and pay for interim foster care if there was not a very compelling reason to prevent their going home.

    Social Services are taking a right battering in all this and they can’t defend themselves by telling the world all the details because of confidentiality laws. Do people honestly believe that kids can just be taken away from their families because somebody wants to adopt them? It’s ludicrous. A court has to approve it, for a start.

  5. Daily Mail – says it all. “Chances of Asteroid Collision Increase Under New Labour”; “Nanny State Danger in Swine Flu Epidemic”; “Gay Hamsters Euro Threat Fault of Gordon Brown”

  6. They are so desperate to rile everyone up into a feeding frenzy of hate I sometimes wonder if Richard et al even think about the logic of the situation or the whys and wherefores.

    Such blanket statements by The Daily Mail are so frustrating as they teach nothing, tell nothing and anger all.

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