Everyone Loves Barry

Just look at the numbers. Even states predisposed to hate him (and which did in November), love him now!

Tennessee and Texas were safely in John McCain’s column on Election Day, but over two months later views of the new Democratic president and his agenda are surprisingly high in the two reliably Republican states.

In a snapshot look at attitudes in McCain country, Rasmussen Reports finds that concerns about the current economic situation appear to override traditional political considerations.

In Texas, for example, 62% of voters approve of Barack Obama’s performance to date, including 41% who Strongly Approve. Thirty-five percent (35%) disapprove, with 19% who Strongly Disapprove.

Sixty percent (60%) of Tennessee voters approve of Obama’s job performance, including 39% who Strongly Approve. Thirty-five percent (35%) disapprove, 21% of whom Strongly Disapprove.

He’s assiduously followed the ‘Mexico City rule’, albeit in the least confrontational manner of any of his predecessors:

President Barack Obama lifted the ban on US funding for international organisations that offer advice or perform abortions yesterday, as he expanded his project of rolling back George Bush’s ideological agenda.

Obama quietly signed an executive order late yesterday afternoon repealing the ban, called the “global gag rule” by family planning organisations because it prohibited groups from even discussing abortion.

The new president even banned rendition, torture and (unexpectedly) ordered the closure of the CIA’s secret prison and interrogation installations:

Barack Obama embarked on the wholesale deconstruction of George Bush’s war on terror, shutting down the CIA’s secret prison network, banning torture and rendition, and calling for a new set of rules for detainees. The repudiation of Bush’s thinking on national security yesterday also saw the appointment of a high-powered envoy to the Middle East.

Obama’s decision to permanently shut down the CIA’s clandestine interrogation centres went far beyond the widely anticipated move to wind down the Guantánamo Bay detention centre within a year.

He cast his scrapping of the legal apparatus set up by Bush as a way for America to reclaim the moral high ground in the fight against al-Qaida.

“We are not, as I said during the inauguration, going to continue with the false choice between our safety and our ideals,” Obama said at the signing ceremony. “We intend to win this fight. We are going to win it on our own terms.”


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